Hank's Deli & Shop

100% Vegan Deli and Shop

Peninsula Vegan Foods is proud to announce the launch of it's first fully vegan Deli & Shop in Ipswich Town Center.

After a very successful preview weekend on the 6th and 7th of July - the grand opening of Hank's will take place at 730 am on Wednesday the 10th of July!

Hank's will carry a wide selection of vegan cooking ingredients and must haves, fresh, frozen and takeaway meals along with a full vegan deli meat and cheese counter. All big firsts for Ipswich!

Inside the deli will be a cafe and lunch spot with both indoor and outdoor seating. The welcoming environment will be child friendly, host local artists and aims to be a real community space. There will be free water bottle refill location to reduce single use plastic containers (we don't sell drinks in those!) as well as a spot for your doggie to get a drink and a vegan dog treat!

Our friendly staff can help you with recipe ideas, meal planning, menus and if you are new or just interested in veganism - we are always happy to stop for a chat!

Please like our Facebook page and join our group on Facebook in the near future we will look to host small dinner evenings and pop up restaurants with bring your own drinks!