So, this is a HUGE, BIG, GIANT deal. Phil and I hate packaging. Everything is so ove-wrapped and over packed. It is so wasteful.

And here we are, another business making more packaging. Great. Our food is packaged as minimally as possible to be fresh and safe, but we are not having pretty printed boxes, plastic wrapped sleeves inside and layers of packing in-between. You will know it's a delicious meal - and so do we, so lets cut out all the waste.

However, we are going to be conscious of what we are doing. And we want you to be involved too! We have done a lot of research on what is out there. What can we recycle, what can we re-use, what could you re-use, what's compostable (and how does that even work?). We are finalising our packaging suppliers to go completely compostable and in the mean time we are using aluminum (recyclable) and plastic (not our first choice) containers that are re-usable - so you can keep them and use them again or recycle them in your household recycling.

We have already switched our cheese containers to fully compostable and very soon our aluminium containers and mayo containers will be made from sugar cane residue and will be fully compostable or can be put in your household paper recycling bin if you don't have a compost option.

What does 'COMPOSTABLE' mean: The criteria for the industrial compostability of packaging are set out in the European standard EN 13432. EN 13432 requires the compostable plastics to disintegrate after 12 weeks and completely biodegrade after six months. That means that 90 percent or more of the plastic material will have been converted to CO2. The remaining share is converted into water and biomass – i.e. valuable compost. Materials and products complying with this standard can be certified and labelled accordingly.

So, you cannot put your compostable pots in your plastic recycling or your waste - they need to go in the brown bins, in your compost pile or you can save them with your paper bag and we will collect them next time we deliver and take them to compost for you.

Every single piece of material that doesn't end up in a chemical soup in a landfill or choking our planet with plastic matters to us!

We are also working on a re-fill your containers scheme - when we deliver your food we can top up your old mayo containers and jars, minimally packaged cheese and sauces, etc. Watch this space and help us by getting involved.